Great Investment and Money Making Ideas

Investment, Trading and Money Making Ideas:

Have you ever been stuck for investment ideas? What should I invest in at the moment? Which stocks are good value? Which markets or investment vehicles should you invest in? This article attempts to cut through some of the jargon and provide some safe and not so safe investment ideas that will perk up the returns on your investment portfolio or reduce the investment risk.

InvestmentFollow the links below to personal finance articles giving for tips about how to make money, save money, invest money and reduce the risk of your investments; from savings tips and balanced portfolio investment to spread-trading, bonds, cash, stocks, shares, commodities and gold and some more obscure investment ideas.

There is always a bull market in some asset class or somewhere in the world, so identifying this trend is one way to trade your way to a fortune, alternatively a more balanced portfolio approach came provide you with good safe returns in a more passive way. Of course spending sensibly and living with in your means is another way to a comfortable retirement.

Disclaimer: Information in this and other linked articles is unregulated and for general information only and is not intended to be relied upon in making specific investment decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

Get Rich Slowly:

How to guarantee becoming rich. No this isn’t one of those get rich quick schemes that usually just make the salesman rich and end up costing you money. This is real money-saving and investment advice that really will make you richer (eventually)

Spread Trading strategies:

Spread trading sounds very risky and for many people it can be, but it is possible, if used very carefully, to both make money and also reduce the risk of an existing investment portfolio. Spread trading can be used to hedge an existing investment portfolios or in a more risky way, for trading the markets. It is quick and all gains are tax-free. It is generally used for short-term trading and often in conjunction with Technical Analysis which can be used both for predicting market direction, but also timing or market movements.

Balance Your Portfolio – And buy some Gold and Silver!

1447054031Any investment portfolio should have a mix of assets to reduce the risk of losing money. Carefully choosing different investments can dramatically reduce the risk without reducing the expected returns. Mix gold and/or silver with bonds, cash, property and stocks and shares in the right proportions and you should achieve above average returns and below average volatility.

Other Investments to Diversify You Portfolio:

If you don’t want to invest in individual stocks, shares or bonds there are other collective investments with which to diversify or balance your portfolio. Investment trusts and their associated “warrants” (far riskier, but with potentially greater returns), an alternative to mutual funds, unit trusts and OEICs or the obscure “Split-Capital” variants or the inexpensive exchange traded funds (ETF)

Make Money From Home on the Internet:

Ways-to-Make-Money-from-Home-1There are lots of ways of making some extra money on the internet. Some pay well, but some really do not reward you for the time spent. Internet surveys, writing consumer reviews, blogging and web-site advertising or selling your holiday photographs will all make you money, but some web-sites pay more than others.